2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Feb 26, 2021  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Major Requirements   Geography Department Minors   


Ronald V. Kalafsky, Head

Alderman, D.H., PhD – Georgia
Bhaduri, B. (Joint Faculty), PhD – Purdue
Foresta, R.A., PhD – Rutgers
Grissino-Mayer, H., PhD – Arizona
Horn, S.P., PhD – California (Berkeley)
Kalafsky, R., PhD – New York (Buffalo)
Shaw, S.L., PhD – Ohio State
Tran, L.T., PhD – Hawaii

Associate Professors
Kim, H., PhD – Ohio State
Li, Y., PhD – Peking
Nagle, N.N., PhD – California (Santa Barbara)
Sharma, M., PhD – Ohio State
Van Riemsdijk, M., PhD – Colorado

Assistant Professors
Ellis, K., PhD – Florida State
Hu, Y., PhD – California (Santa Barbara)
Muñoz, I.S., PhD – Texas (Austin)
Raposo, P., PhD – Penn State
Stewart, R.N. (Joint Faculty), PhD – Tennessee

Hinten, M., PhD – Oklahoma
Norrell, T., PhD – Tennessee
Sonnichsen, T., PhD – Tennessee

Adjunct Faculty
Bishop, B.D., PhD – Florida State
Caffrey, M., PhD – Tennessee
Harbor, J., PhD – Washington
Hargrove Jr., W.M., PhD – Georgia
Heric, M., PhD – Virginia Tech
Lane, C., PhD – Tennessee
Liu, C., PhD – Tennessee
Meyers, M., PhD – Tennessee
Orvis, K., PhD – California (Berkeley)
Pavlowsky, R., PhD – Wisconsin (Madison)
Schroeder, T., PhD – Oregon State
Van Riemsdijk, F.M., PhD – Colorado
Wang, D., PhD – Tennessee
Washington-Allen, R., PhD – Nevada (Reno)

The Department of Geography provides a comprehensive program that reflects the discipline’s three main areas – human geography, physical geography, and geospatial analysis. The department’s courses allow students to explore the linkages between human activities and natural systems. Students taking geography courses should develop factual knowledge, critical thinking, and analytic skills. Training in geography allows students to know where things are located, why they are located where they are, how and why places differ, how human activity shapes and is shaped by the natural environment, and how to analyze human-environment interactions.