2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
    May 27, 2020  
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Robert A. Bohm, Head
Donald Bruce,
Director of Graduate Studies

Bohm, R.A. (G.A. Spiva Scholar), PhD - Washington (St. Louis)
Bruce, D. (Douglas A. and Brenda Horne Professor), PhD - Syracuse
Clark, D.P. (Beaman Professor), PhD - Michigan State
Fox, W.F. (William B. Stokely Distinguished Professor of Business), PhD - Ohio State
Murray, M.N. (Ball Corporation Professor of Business), PhD - Syracuse 
Neilson, W.S. (J. Fred Holly Chair of Excellence), PhD - California (San Diego)
Associate Professors
Gauger, J.A., PhD - Iowa State
Gilpatric, S., PhD - Texas A&M
Mohsin, M. (Reagan Scholar), PhD - York (Canada)
Price, M.K. (CBER Faculty Fellow), PhD - Maryland
Santore, R., PhD - Ohio State
Vossler, C. (Stokely Faculty Scholar), PhD - Cornell
Assistant Professors
Carruthers, C., PhD - Florida
Holladay, J.S., PhD - Colorado
LaRiviere, J.S., PhD - California (San Diego)
Lima, L.R., PhD - Illinois
Schaur, G., PhD - Purdue
Wanamaker, M. (BB & T Scholar), PLD - Northwestern
Research Professor
Bjornstad, David, PhD - Syracuse
Bray, L.G., PhD - Tennessee
Greene, D.L., PhD - Maryland
McKee, M., PhD - Carlton (Canada)
Shelton, R.B., PhD - Southern Illinois
Research Associate Professor
Burton, M., PhD - Tennessee
Evans, M., PhD - Colorado
Baker, K., PhD - New Mexico
Bueckman, D., PhD - Tennessee
Kauffman, C.D., PhD - Tennessee
Adjunct Faculty
Carter, S.R., PhD - Tennessee
Curlee, T.R., PhD - Purdue
Vogt, D.P., PhD - Syracuse
Emeriti Faculty
Bowlby, R.L., PhD - Texas
Carroll, S.L., PhD - Harvard
Cole, W.E., PhD - Texas
Chang, H.S., PhD - Vanderbilt
Davidson, P. (J. Fred Holly Chair of Excellence Emeritus), PhD - Pennsylvania
Herzog, Jr., H.W., PhD - Maryland
Lee, F.Y., PhD - Michigan State
Mayhew, A., PhD - Texas
Moore, J.R. (Alumni Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus), PhD - Cornell
Russell, M., PhD - Oklahoma
Spiva, Jr., G.A., PhD - Texas


Economics   MA, PhD

The Department of Economics offers graduate programs leading to the MA and PhD. The MA may be completed by either a thesis or non-thesis option, while the PhD requires successful completion of a dissertation. Applicants to these programs should contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Economics, for further information.

Academic Standards

A graduate student whose grade point average falls below 3.0 will be placed on probation. A student on probation will be dropped from the program unless his/her cumulative graduate grade point average is 3.0 or higher at the end of the probationary period. The probationary period is defined as the next semester’s course work established by the degree program for full-time students and the next two semesters’ course work as established by the degree program for part-time students.

Student’s Right to Petition

Graduate students in good academic standing have the right to petition the department for modification of departmental degree requirements and redress of grievances. Petitions must be in writing and addressed to the departmental Director of Graduate Studies.

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